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Code Of Considerate Practice

Code of Considerate Practice

As part of our commitment to causing minimal disruption to the local community we adhere to a strict ‘Code of Considerate Practice’.

This means that all work carried out by us, during Project Omega, and all future schemes, will take into consideration the needs of residents, local businesses, site personnel and visitors, as well as the general public.

The Code also covers areas such as the environment, ensuring that local resources are used wherever possible, pollution is avoided and the recycling of materials is actively encouraged.

Issues such as dirt and dust caused by construction are covered under the code to ensure that it is kept to a minimum and regular communication with neighbours affected by any building work, or other site activity, is on-going throughout the projects duration.

It is also part of our policy to work in close consultation with Northern Ireland Water, local Councils, Roads Service, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and other relevant parties to ensure that compliance with all necessary requirements is met.